Gender Pay Gap: 2021 Report

The 2021 report, which reports figures as at 31 March 2020, is available on the HR website, and includes an introduction from the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Louise Richardson.


I am pleased to present the annual Gender Pay Gap report on this, the centenary of the admission of women as full members of the University. While women have been matriculating at and graduating from the University for a hundred years, we remain under-represented at the most senior levels of the University and over-represented at the most junior levels. This is what makes the gender pay gap so intractable.    Professor Louise Richardson

Promoting gender equality is a key strategic priority for the University of Oxford, demonstrated in both our People Commitments in the University Strategic Plan 2018-23 and our commitment to Athena SWAN. Legislation, which commenced in 2017, requires employers with more than 250 employees to calculate and report their figures annually. 

Key points

  • The median gender pay gap remains at 13.7% which is lower than the median pay gap for the whole economy of 15.5% as reported by the Office for National Statistics.
  • The mean gender pay gap has decreased this year from 21.6% to 20.1% and has fallen by 4.4% since the introduction of gender pay gap reporting in 2017.
  • The median bonus pay gap remains at 0%. The mean bonus pay gap has decreased from 70.7% to 64.9%.
  • A greater proportion of women than men are in receipt of bonus payments.

It is pleasing to see that there is a further reduction in the mean gender pay gap. However, it is recognised that further progress needs to be made and the University is committed to continuing to take action that will address the gender pay gap.

Please refer to the report for more details.