Expense claims going online

The rollout will start with a small number of departments, which will be identified in due course,acting as SAP Concur early adopters before it is gradually introduced more widely. This schedule is dependent on the prevailing situation at the University, as well as the readiness of individual departments and participating colleges.

Who will use SAP Concur?

SAP Concur is being introduced for use by all staff and students with a Single Sign-on (SSO) user ID across the University’s academic divisions, GLAM and UAS. In addition, it will be used by Kellogg College, St Cross College and Parks College.

What expenses can be claimed through SAP Concur?

Staff and students can claim almost all expenses for less than £10,000 through SAP Concur, including claims allocated to project budgets or departmental budgets. Exceptions are advances and expenses that form a taxable benefit.

Project progress 

  • The project team would like to thank everyone who attended the online demonstrations of SAP Concur (the Proof of Concept exercise) in April. The feedback from delegates has been very useful and answers to questions raised at these sessions will be published online. 
  • A data collection and cleansing exercise is now underwayto ensure SAP Concuris populated with accurate and appropriate information regarding cost codes, project names and the approval hierarchy. Finance colleagues in departments, colleges that are adopting SAP Concur and UAS are assisting with this process.
  • Detailed testing of SAP Concur (user acceptance testing) should start in July. This will check that everything works as required and enable any discrepancies or bugs to be identified and fixed before the system is launched.
  • Alongside these activities, the project team is planning how to help users through the change, including communications, training and provision of on-line information and guidance.

For further information please see the Finance Division website

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact the project team via expensesproject@admin.ox.ac.uk