Digital skills at your fingertips

To truly realise its digital ambitions, the University will need to help its staff to develop new capabilities and reskill for a world that will be fast blending Oxford’s physical and digital dimensions like never before. This means team managers will need to help their teams to re-skill by first identifying their teams’ existing digital skills and proficiencies and then helping them to up-skill.


However, currently individual team members have to second-guess what digital skills they might need in order to adapt to digital Oxford. Likewise, there is not a straightforward way for managers to assess an individual’s digital skills or have a joined-up view of their teams’ overall digital skillset which they can compare with teams in other departments, divisions, or the rest of Oxford.  


This is where Oxford’s new Digital Skills Toolkit comes in. The toolkit has been made available as part of Oxford's digital transformation. Now, each individual can take about 20-minutes to self-assess their current digital skills in the context of a nationally-recognised JISC framework. After their assessment, they are presented with individualised digital skills priorities and signposted to training and development courses and resources, many of which are free to use, to help them build new digital skills.


Managers are able to confidentially track digital skills development on a live dashboard and they can see how their department compares with the HE sector. This toolkit can help team members to continuously upskill as more and more new priorities are identified with new digital solutions.


For more information, please visit the "Get started with the Digital Skills Toolkit" page for managers.