Creweian Oration 2020

Encaenia 2020

The annual Encaenia celebrations, due to take place on Wednesday, 24 June, were cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who were due to receive honorary degrees in 2020 (the full list is printed in Gazette No 5266, 13 February 2020, page 248) will instead be honoured in June 2021.

Creweian Oration, Dr Jonathan Katz, Public Orator

Dr Jonathan Katz, Public Orator

Encaenia also commemorates the benefactors of the University through the Creweian Oration. The full text of this year’s Oration  although not delivered live in the Sheldonian  is available to read in the Encaenia 2020 Gazette supplement.

A profile for Dr Jonathan Katz  is available on the Brasenose College website