Council Matters: update from the March 2021 meeting

Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Council approved a new Environmental Sustainability Strategy that will see the University work to achieve net zero carbon and net biodiversity gain by 2035.

On the recommendation of the Finance Committee, Council agreed to establish the Environmental Sustainability Fund, which will provide £200m over 15 years to fund the strategy.

A new Environmental Sustainability Subcommittee is to be established, on the recommendation of the General Purposes Committee (GPC) and the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee (PRAC).

Department for Continuing Education

Having endorsed the findings of the Report of the Council Review of the Department for Continuing Education, Council agreed that the appointment of a new full-time director and the establishment of the proposed new Strategic Management Board should be taken forward without delay, and that the new director and board should have a central role in taking forward the review’s other recommendations.

Professor of Poetry review group

Council approved the establishment of a Professor of Poetry Review Group, including its membership and terms of reference, to consider the arrangements for the selection of the next Oxford Professor of Poetry in two years’ time.   

Osney Power Station

The full funding package for the Osney Power Station redevelopment project was approved, which will see the building brought back into use as an Executive Education centre for the Saïd Business School. The project is due for completion in 2024.