Our new carbon target: get involved

Over the coming months the Environmental Sustainability team will be inviting you to get involved with activities which will help us to meet our reduction target. The challenge details will be posted in Blueprint Bulletin and on the Staff Gateway. We'll also showcase and reward the best examples of how you demonstrate you are rising to the set challenge. 

The University’s carbon emissions are strongly linked to our energy usage. Therefore, the first challenge relates to reducing energy consumption in your work area.


Switch off computers and other equipment at the end of each day.

Why? Most energy is wasted when people are not at work. A full shutdown at the end of the day can significantly reduce the amount of energy being wasted.

How? Make switching off part of your daily routine. Challenge your colleagues and students to take part. We need everybody on board to meet our target.

What else? Send a photo which demonstrates how you’ve encouraged people to participate in September’s challenge. We will showcase the best ideas and successful initiatives in next month’s Blueprint Bulletin. There will also be a prize for the most innovative idea to get people involved!

Tips and resources:

  • Only put posters and stickers where permitted. Consider health and safety before switching off any equipment. If you are not sure if you can switch off an electrical item be sure to ask.
  • The Environmental Sustainability team have 'Switch off' stickers which are perfectly sized to fit above light switches and plug sockets, letting people know if they can, or cannot, switch an electrical item off. Email the team if you would like some stickers.
  • Posters are particularly effective in areas where people often stand still, such as by photocopiers, kettles, lifts and in toilets. Try to make them fun and engaging. Posters should be replaced with something new every few months to help keep them noticeable.
  • Although posters and stickers alone do not change behaviours, they do act as useful reminders and information points. They may seem old-fashioned but posters are still effective.
  • You can find many more resources, such as stickers, posters and leaflets, on the Sustainability website.
  • If you want to know more about Oxford's research in areas related to sustainability, visit the True Planet website.