Apprenticeships in 2022: Looking ahead

As we start the New Year, we are excited to share some of the latest news and events from the apprenticeships team for 2022. 

Apprenticeship Expo

Our apprenticeships expo is taking place through virtual events from 14-18 February.

Who are these sessions for?

  • Employees who want to progress their professional development through funded training.
  • Managers who are looking to support their team with training opportunities.
  • Departments who have identified skills gaps in their team and are hoping to recruit new employees.

Apprenticeship training is suitable across all departments and divisions and this is the week for people to find out more about the opportunities available for fully-funded training.

Find out more and sign up to sessions here

Any questions please get in contact with the apprenticeships team: 

Apprenticeship cohort recruitment launch
The apprenticeship team are moving towards cohort based apprenticeship recruitment in 2022. This will enable us to streamline our processes and improve efficiency. We will be able to better plan our apprenticeship recruitment across the University, providing departments with more resources and support. It will also offer a better experience for those looking to apply to our apprenticeship vacancies as they can plan their applications ahead of time.

Please see our new apprenticeship recruitment calendar page on the HR Support website below. This outlines the timelines we advise when recruiting an apprentice into your team and the stages that need to be considered throughout the process. The cohort recruitment will take place in September, January and April in line with the academic year and the training provider’s course dates. 

For more support or to see the full apprenticeship recruitment process, please take a look at our ‘Recruiting an apprentice’ page.

Apprenticeship contract and learner agreement 
The contract letter for new entrant apprentices have now been placed onto PeopleXD, with the learner agreement embedded into this. This is to ensure that there is consistency across all versions of this document which departments may be using, and it should streamline the process.

Please can you ensure any local copies of these documents are removed and that these versions from PeopleXD are used going forward. There are up to date copies also available on the HR page, should you require those.

Higher and degree level apprenticeships

Did you know you could do this as an existing member of staff?
Did you know you could now recruit at this apprenticeship level?

Find out more at our expo during our session:
Apprenticeship Routes into the University | University Apprenticeship Expo 2022

National Apprenticeship Week (NAW)
NAW takes place from 8-13 February, and the theme is ‘Build the Future’ once again. This is a fantastic chance for us to share all of our positive news stories and information on our apprenticeship roles. 

You can see our page with resources and timetable for the week below:

National Apprenticeship Week | University Apprenticeships

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Follow the links for more information:

Recruiting an apprentice

Apprenticeship recruitment calendar

Apprentice routes into the University

National Apprentice Week