Announcement from the Vice-Chancellor

I am writing to let you know about some redistribution of responsibilities among the senior team.

Professor Anne Trefethen, whose portfolio includes People and GLAM, will be handing over responsibility for GLAM to Richard Ovenden, currently Bodley’s Librarian. Richard will become Head of GLAM in addition to his role at the Bodleian, effective February 14th. I know that he will bring the same wisdom and sparkling intelligence to this broader role.

Anne, formerly the University’s CIO, whose expertise includes computational science and high-performance computing, will assume responsibility for all things digital as she is uniquely qualified to do. She will take the lead in the iTransform project, designed to enhance digital capabilities across the University, while retaining the People portfolio. I would like to thank Anne for her leadership of GLAM over the last seven years. She has greatly enjoyed the role and we have all benefited from her calm and wise stewardship of our gardens, libraries and museums.

I am deeply grateful to my two colleagues for taking on these roles so critical to ensuring the success of the University’s mission of research and teaching.