A new way to log and investigate incidents across the University

The new Incident Reporting and Investigation System (“IRIS”) will replace the current paper-based system, improving efficiency, allowing access to data in real time, and ensuring compliance with government legislation and GDPR. The solution will enable worldwide access to all relevant parties at any time via a mobile app.

A project team has been created, with members from the Safety Office and IT Services working together with a dedicated User Group, to ensure the new service is implemented and embedded across the University.

The project team will be running user acceptance testing sessions throughout October with a variety of users and roles. This testing will ensure the system meets the University’s requirements and allows users to verify that it is fit for purpose and ready to implement.

A phased roll out across the University will begin in January 2020, accompanied by a range of communications to make sure that all staff are aware of the new system and how to access it.