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Blueprint includes full-colour display advertisements in quarter A4 (portrait), half A4 (landscape) and full-page (portrait) sizes.

Sizes and prices

  Height (mm) Width (mm) Internal advertisers External advertisers
Quarter A4, portrait 120 88 £120, inc. VAT £140, inc. VAT
Half A4, landscape 120 180.5 £240, inc. VAT £280, inc. VAT
Full-page, portrait 245 180 £480, inc. VAT £560, inc. VAT


Bookings. Before submitting your advertisement, please contact us (see details below) to check the availability of space in the issue or issues of your choice. It is advisable to check with us as early as possible. At the time of booking you may also, if you wish, arrange for us to design your advertisement. The additional charge for in-house design work is:
Half page: £60 (inc. VAT)
Quarter page: £50 (inc. VAT)

Deadline. If you have made a booking with us, and you intend to supply the advertisement as a file from which we will print, please ensure that we receive the file at least six weeks before publication.

Files accepted. Please see the technical guidance notes (below) for information on the formats we can accept.

Repeat discount. A discount of 25% is given for four or more insertions of one advertisement.

Payment terms. We invoice at the end of each university term. Payment to be made within thirty days.

Before you place your advertisement

Before you place your advertisement, please note the following extract from our Terms and Conditions:

27. The advertiser warrants: 
(i) Not to discriminate against any respondents to an advertisement published in Blueprint on the basis of their gender, sexual orientation, marital or civil partner status, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, disability or age, or pregnancy.

You are advised to view our full Terms and Conditions of acceptance of advertisements. Submission of an advertisement implies acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Technical guidance notes

 Advertisers intending to supply a printable file for use in Oxford Blueprint are asked to note the following.

  1. The colours available are CMYK (no RGB, index or lab coloured files).
  2. The file supplied should be correctly sized.
  3. The file supplied should be in one of these formats:
    • TIF (Tagged Image Format bitmap) — flat image (no saved layers), at least 300dpi. PC or Mac format files can be accepted. We prefer to avoid LZW compression.
    • EPS (Encapsulated PostScript file) — the files can be from a PC or Mac (although Mac format is preferable). All fonts must be converted to curves/outlines.
    • PDF (Portable Document Format) — all fonts must be embedded (preferably converted to curves/outlines). The files must only contain the specified colours mentioned above.
  4. We cannot accept artwork that is in JPG or GIF format, or files from software such as CorelDraw, Serif Plus, or Microsoft Publisher, unless they have been converted or exported into one of the acceptable formats listed above.
  5. We prefer that you do not use white backgrounds.

Please email us at or telephone 01865 280548 if you have any questions concerning the supply of files.

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