Focus: programme update

Focus is a broad programme of activity to improve the way in which support services are delivered across the University.

The team is reshaping Focus for 2020 to concentrate on developing people, improving access to Focus skills and widening participation across the University in departments and teams.

They will continue with a small number of major projects to improve end-to-end processes, but increasingly, there will be more opportunities to get personally involved in bringing bright ideas to fruition and improving ways of working, day-to-day. The idea behind ‘continuous improvement’ is that change feels easy to begin and low-risk to try, because it starts small and then builds by taking repeated ‘baby steps’.

There is a growing interest in becoming a Continuous Improvement Practitioner from people who aren’t in a position to go on secondment. Therefore, the team is creating a new role – Local Practitioner. This won’t require a secondment, but will train you within your current role with the aim that you practise these skills via work on a small improvement project, with support, in your department. More information will follow later this year.

A 1-day introductory training course in Continuous Improvement is also being developed, to be supported by a suite of online materials. These will equip teams with practical tools and techniques to start making small improvements straight away.

If you have an idea for an improvement project that your team would like to undertake – or a problem that between you you’d like to solve, please get in touch:

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